Sunday, 24 April 2011

Oxford Street Clothing Haul

The other week I popped to Oxford Street and had a little browse, and came home which a few nice things.

This maxi dress was from H&M, and was £12.99. It is a really light fabric - perfect for the summer, and looks pretty cinched in with a brown leather belt.

This chiffon shirt was from Primark and was £10 I think. I love this rust colour at the moment which seems to be everywhere. It's such a summer colour, and looks great tucked into jeans.

Again this chiffon blouse was from Primark and was £10. It is so pretty, I love florals. Very see-through but its perfect with a vest top underneath.

This was from Primark too and was £15. I love the 70s style of it, and the rust colour again! Looks so nice with a brown belt, and can be dressed up or down.

Yet another chiffon blouse from H&M and was around £15. It is so so sheer but really pretty, and a very flowy material.

I love these! I got them from Primark and they were £18. I love the chunky heels which are really fashionable this season, and I also love the gladiator style. They also came in a nude colour but I decided to be good!



  1. i love the blouses and those shoes were a great find! x

  2. @Elise
    Thank you :) I think they were worth the nightmare of going to the Oxford St Primark!

  3. I love the orange(ish) blouse!! My boyfriend's sister also bought one from the Oxford St store but all the small sizes are sold out in my local store! :(

    We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

    T & J


  4. @The Style Rawr
    Ah that's typical of Primark. Keep looking!

  5. snap ♥ I bought that orangy blouse a couple of weeks ago and i have totally lived in it, so useful! I love the shoes♥♥
    Eva xxx