Tuesday, 26 April 2011

ASOS Wishlist

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Anyone who knows me will tell you just how much I love, no ADORE, asos.com. I think they have such an amazing selection of clothes, accessories and beauty stuff and are always really on trend. So this is my current wishlist. If only I could afford them all! Oh the joys of saving up for university...

1) This is a River Island dress and I think it is so pretty. I love the back of it, sort of a cape style. The print is quite vintage looking too which I love.
2) Ohh this bag...this would look perfect with everything. It is a good size too which is great because I always carry so much junk around with me!
3) The midi-dress style is something which I want to try, but with some trepidation. I think you would have to wear high shoes with this length of skirt, but I might be wrong. I was thinking the high-heeled sandals I bought (in my Oxford St Haul Post)
4) Again, the palazzo pant trend is something which is new to me, but I love the way they look on other girls. They look so floaty and wispy and girly and just adorable!
5) I personally think I need these.I think I only have one pair of high-heeled black shoes, so I can justify getting these. Maybe.
6) Bang on the 70s trend, I love this floppy hat. I reckon it would look lovely in the summer with a pretty floral dress and flip flops.
7) I love NARS products, and this is one of the limited edition spring lipglosses which they have brought out. I love the brightness of this, it is different to anything I have tried before.
8) I just think these earrings are so cute and vintage looking. I loving the pale pink of them.
9) I love the simplicity of this sleeveless blouse. I'd wear it with skinny jeans or denim shorts.
What are you looking to buy at the moment? Are you all set for summer?!


  1. hiya, lovely blog. :)
    http://fbegumstar.blogspot.com xxx

  2. That lipgloss and River Island dress is gorgeous!!! :)

    Gem x

  3. oh asos, you are too pretty :( xx

  4. number 9 is dreamyyyyy i want it too now! Splash out don't save for uni! Once you get your student loans... it's all downhill from there anyway trust me! might aswell start early! :) xxxx

  5. Loveee these picks! ASOS are really pulling it out of the bag this season x

  6. @Nikki
    Oh no! That doesn't bode well at all! haha xxx

  7. @danniekate
    I know, I should really stop looking at their website, it's not healthy! xxx

  8. Oh my goodness, love this and I too will take one of each. I'm loving those gorgeous neutral hues and the shoes + earrings have me smitten. You have fantastic taste. xx veronika

  9. impressive selection. you have great taste.