Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Ultimate Make Up Guide

Hello everyone, just wanted to share with you my favourite make up guide of ALL TIME! It is Rae Morris' 'Make Up: The Ultimate Guide'. I don't think any make up enthusiast should be without this!

I got bought this as a present last Christmas, and since then this book has become invaluable and is always my first port of call when I'm doing my make up for a night out or when I need a bit of guidance. Rae Morris is a multi award-winning make up artist, and this book is filled with so many useful tutorials, tips, beautiful pictures and guides.
Here are a selection of some of the pages and some of the eye tutorials:
  • Eye Colour Charts
  • Rock Chick Eyes
  • Retro Eyes
  • Sensual Eyes
  • Contouring Face Map
  • How to Use Bronzer
  • Step-By-Step Eye Prep
  • Applying False Eyelashes

This guide has helped me with so many different aspects of make up and has given me plenty of ideas of looks to try!  It is really easy to understand and to follow the tutorials, and Rae writes in a very no nonsense way. It is available from Amazon for £11, which I think is a great price for such a brilliant and informative book!


Disclaimer: Photography belongs to Steven Chee, Writing belongs to Rae Morris and 'Make Up: The Ultimate Guide' is published by Apple Press.


  1. looks cool might buy it as a treat to myself after exams are over!

  2. sounds like just what I need, thanks for sharing!

    Helen, X

  3. Love this book too <3 x

    Eva xxx

  4. this is great! thanks for sharing, this will definitely come in handy :)

  5. Ok, this book is brilliant.

  6. Ooh this looks awesome. I have a makeup book but I'm always looking for other ones with new looks. I love the cleopatra eye!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  7. such a cute blog! great shots.
    follow me : )

  8. This book looks amazing and very well detailed.